The Mystical Order of the Pumpkin

Image of The Mystical Order of the Pumpkin

Some secret societies are, you know, super secret and selective... then others you can just buy your way into for 20 bucks and a quick online questionnaire. So yeah, welcome to the Mystical Order of the Pumpkin! We don't rule the world from the shadows or anything like that, but we do have some pretty cool swag.

Multilayered paper cut art print/card with snazzy attachable display stick.

Tall cards measure ~ 4" x 5"
Short cards measure ~ 3-1/2" x 4"

Starter Pack!
Jump right in and let everyone know that you're in on the secret. With this kit you'll be able to send cryptic messages to others, proudly display banners in your home, or post a bunch of selfies with them on social media for all the world to see! Just don't forget those hashtags.
Starter Pack comes with all four cards wrapped up nice and neat in a little package with fancy header card. Because header cards always make things official.

Single Card!
Not quite as impressive as the starter pack, but still pretty cool. Your mom might question your newly found interest in the occult though.
Available in the larger cat and pumpkin design only. Still cool, but no fancy official header card on these solo guys.